As I still waiting I already notice the channel in temperature. This is truly the best time to visit Texas!
Thuc asked me what I wanted to eat. My response: “anything that comes with sweet tea.” Yes, that is something I’ve made no secret of looking forward to.
I patiently wait to let the crowd clear. This is something I often do at the end of crowded movie screenings anyway. What’s the rush? Gotta wait for the bag anyway.
Speaking of that, I was able to not check my bag, however when I got to the gate, they took it. Ha! No paying the $25 fee for me!

Seeing lots of cowboy hats. Oh, Texas.

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My Texas Adventure

Landed in Houston!

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How I learned Photoshop

It was 2000 and I had moved back to my childhood home in West Plains, MO after graduating in December. I was working at Movie Gallery video store inside Walmart. To my knowledge, this was the first job where they actually called my references. Jennifer was the manager at the time and she could only give me 15-20 hours a week. I was looking for another job to fill my time and fill my wallet. Continue reading

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Perhaps I’m biased (because of my love of Timothy Olyphant), but I really like this show. It’s on FX and it’s about a US Marshall who is reassigned to the area of his hometown in Kentucky. I normally HATE these type of shows, but he just makes it for me.

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Jury Duty Live Blog: Day 4


Today’s the day. I can feel it.

I didn’t bring my laptop today for two reasons. #1 I’m going to see a movie tonight at the IFC Center so I wouldn’t want to lug it around. #2 The case might settle (fingers crossed) and I’d get out of here early enough to go to work.

P.S. I hear the beeping.

Darn it. I wrote a bunch of stuff and it disappeared. The picture above is of the rows of chairs that are all out if whack. Just taking 10 minutes at the end of the day to straighten them out would do the trick.


A guy is listening to “Push It” loud on his headphones. Wait. No. He’s watching the video on his laptop without headphones. Seriously, dude.

Oh no! Another earthquake in Chile!


Called! No settle. We are upstairs on the 4th floor in a obvious jury deliberation room. (I’ve seen enough Law & Order episodes to know) We are awaiting instructions.


Quotes from the room: “I really hope they settled.” “I think this could be a long one.”

There is our own bathroom in here so we don’t leave! You can hear it all too. YIKES!


They certainly love drama. An officer comes into the room and tells us to leave our personal belongings and come out into the hall and line up. I, along with most people, brought my cell phone. After lining up, (I took the first spot, I thought, what the hell, why not?) and we wait. The officer the leads us to the court room, then stops us outside the door. We wait. After a minute or so, he leads us in. I’m in the back row.

The judge, in a very slow and deliberate voice, apologizes. He then begins to thank us for our patience because after all this, the case has been settled. Apparently there was a gap in communication, and we were not supposed to be in on Wednesday. He told the lawyers and somehow it was not communicated properly and we were in on Wednesday. They did not realize we were there until about 3pm when they called us and were were dismissed. He then goes on to thank us again because he believes that the case finally came to settlement because of the jury being picked.

He then asks us to share our experience in a positive way with family and friends. He is very appreciative that we have taken the time to be jurors and hopes that we may encourage others to serve as well. Then he came from behind the bench and shook each one of our hands. Yes, I’m a sucker and bought it hook, line and sinker.

I want to also say that everyone of the people were very pleasant and upbeat despite our situation. We all just laughed. What’s funny is that the officer as we were leaving kept asking us how long we were waiting. He just couldn’t believe it. He was laughing too. Apparently this is a rarity. Imagine that.

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Jury Duty Live Blog: Day 3


I’m really over this.

This morning I get a text right as I’m going through security. I remember my ringer is on so I switch it to vibrate. I go through security and find a spot. I check my phone and find out from my sister that Corey Haim died of a drug overdose. I am sad.


I have a feeling today is going to go by even slower than yesterday.


I just can’t believe I’ve wasted so much time. But, I’m serving my country. It’s just so weird to look around the room and see all the people sitting around, all for jury selection.

I miss my hot chocolate/coffee combo.


Dude. These chairs are connected. When you tap on your chair, it taps the whole row. Make note.


Tapping has stopped, now I’m sleepy. “I’m not even supposed to be here today!”


The tapping is back. Must be a really good story.


Back from lunch. I decided to walk a different way today. As I was walking, I started to notice familiarities. I was confused. Have I been here? Wait. WAIT. There is an Arby’s here!! Woo hoo!

I get a #1 which is the regular roast beef meal. I wanted a shake, but the lady told me they didn’t have shakes today. BUMMER. I order and step to the side. I see a 2-person booth and grab it because the last time, it took FOREVER for the food to come out. I sit down and to my surprise, my number is called. Awesome.

As I’m eating the roast beef and curly fries, I think to myself, “this isn’t that great.” A deli sandwich is 10 times better and better for me. The name gets me. It’s nostalgia. It reminds me of a life I used to have of fast food everyday. Ok, plus they had a place for me to sit. That can be hard to find.

I decide to go back to the jury room. I get settled and the one guy that I was picked with comes up to me and again talks about how crazy it is that we have been here the whole time. “Why couldn’t they send us home?” he asks. I just shake my head and agree that’s it’s annoying.

I can see why I’m here though. As far as I can tell, they pull people in, question them, and then try to pick some decent people out. They have no idea what people they are going to get. Apparently all the people have been unfair and biased people. I can only hope they’ll find all the people today and we’ll get this show on the road.


Ok, I’m yawning. I’m almost becoming bored of the internet.


I can’t even think of anything to say.


Oh! An argument! There are three ladies. One lady was sitting there. Then the 2nd lady came by and sat down. Then the 3rd lady sat down and started talking to the 1st lady. The 2nd lady is annoyed at their conversation and says, “Should we switch seats?” The 1st lady is annoyed and says, “No, I was here first.” “No, I was.” “No, I’ve been sitting here since 8:30 this morning!” “Well, I’ve been here too!” Then mysterious silence. They do not continue their conversation.


I’m called. As we assemble, people are chatting with each other and joking around. The tension builds. What will happen next?!

The lady behind the counter holds up her fingers to indicate a small amount and explains that the case is “this close” to settling, but nothing is official, so they need us to come back tomorrow at 10am. Well, that’s something.

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Jury Duty Live Blog: Day 2

10:22 am

There is a constant beeping. Roxxan tells me I need to make it a game to find the source. I think it is coming from a room, but now I am unsure.

I hate sitting where people are able to see my screen…


VPN established. Beeping is replaced by vacuuming.


Beeping has resumed.


I really feel for the people having to announce the names. Some I’m sure are difficult to pronounce correctly. Yay! The guy behind me with the bad breathe has been called!


Why is a pay phone in the jury room ringing?


Oh my goodness. I don’t hear the beeping. People are talking louder now…. I’m hungry. What should I get for lunch? Wait. Yep, the beeping is there. It was just overshadowed by the people talking.

Ok, now that the guy is gone, he can’t read my screen. When he sat down and turned on his computer, I heard “You’ve got mail!” I haven’t heard that since the movie.

So since it’s only 45 minutes until lunch, I seriously doubt they’ll call me until after lunch. Right? Yesterday they let us out at 12:30pm but that was when I was in a room. I bet the central jury will be 1pm. What’s amazing to me is that they have no way of knowing that I’m even here. It’s not like they check. It’s only if they call your name and you don’t come forward.


Beeping continues. Countdown to lunch. HUNGRY.


I’m back from lunch and in the central jury room. I came back early to get to the jury room because a) it’s cooler, b) it’s a must more comfortable seat and c) better outlet location d) NO BEEPING.

Because it is such a beautiful day, I decided to walk a bit before lunch. I walked down Court Street to Atlantic Avenue. I made a right at Clinton Street and took in the beautiful breeze and warmth of the sunshine. There were trailers set up for the stars of the show Gossip Girl that is filming on the streets off Court & Clinton.

I found a small deli where I got a plain slice, some pepperoni knots and a water for $4. Sweet. The plain slice was good. Definitely better than the ones I’ve been getting near home lately. The pepperoni knots were a bit much though.


And the name-calling begins. Oh, that didn’t sound right. You know what I mean.


I’m so glad no one has tried to talk to me. It’s not that I hate people, I just hate awkward conversations purely for the sake of conversation. I’ll do my thing, you do your thing. My friend Thuc is NOTORIOUS for talking to strangers. He kept telling me of all the conversations he would strike up with people on the train. SO glad I wasn’t with him.


As I look around the room, some are talking to each other, some are sleeping, lots are reading, but what I find the most interesting is the people who are just STARING ala Putty from Seinfeld. Just staring ahead into space. Oh, wait, there is a TV.


Still surfing. I feel a cool breeze, but it is not from the springtime air. The guy in front of me keeps looking back. AVOID EYE CONTACT.


May I just say that I simply LOVE having my computer with me. The time really is passing easier.


Hmmm… Jurors are now being called that have been sworn in…. I hope they tell me something. I have no idea what to do tomorrow if not.


Ok, lady, stop sucking on that candy and swallow it.


Oh yeah. This is a day well spent. It’s crazy that my commute from work and from here are the same. Gotta love the N.


I was called. Back here tomorrow at 11am. Sleep!

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